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Contract Catering: Good Business Idea

// Published July 21, 2015 by Mellinda

It is a modern era. Nowadays, there are many people who like to hold a party. There are various parties that are usually held, such as wedding party, birthday party, graduation party, anniversary party, Halloween party, Christmas party, and there are still many other parties. Looking at this phenomenon, there are many people who utilize this momentum to get income as much as possible such as decoration service, photography service, and catering service. The last one will be an interesting topic to be discussed. However, the common problem of this business is that you will not have a customer every week even every day. So, there comes a contract catering as a good solution idea for catering business.

Nowadays, there are many catering companies that offer contract catering. They usually offer to some institutions for it. If you only start a common catering, there is a possibility that you will not work in a long time. However, with this idea, you will have regular customers. So, your income will always come. The more institutions you get the contract, the better your business will be.

How to Get Contract Catering Partners

If you are really interested in this business, you have to think to look for contract partners. The first target is restaurants. Offer your contract catering service to the restaurants in your area. Now, there are many restaurants that are rent for parties. Those restaurants will be prospective partners for you. Tell your special offers and menus. With restaurants as your partners, the best offering of contract catering is buffet because restaurants are commonly booked for wedding party.

Another good partner idea will be targeted on colleges. If there are many colleges in your city, it will be your benefits. Colleges usually hold graduation ceremony more than once a year. Different colleges have different graduation ceremony schedules. In a graduation ceremony a college needs to serve meals for the guests. They usually ask helps to catering services. So, catering contract will be a good offering for them. Because of that, colleges can be considered as your contract catering partners.

Seeing the prospective business of catering, it is not surprising that catering contract business is increasingly more popular. However, even though there have been many people who start this business, it will always be a prospective business. So, if you are interested in it, just start this business and get as much as income.


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Contract Catering